Thanks that have found time and have glanced on my web site. :-)

The purpose of the given site - to share the ideas, to learn your opinion.
It is especially interesting, if you are an expert on the given subjects.

On pages of a site you will not find usual for "author's" sites:
- Criticisms of a modern physics (behind single exception - see the Note),
- Any new fundamental particles similar to "microleptons",
- Or new interactions like "the universal energy of a repulsion".
Though by and large, I not against them. But also I do not maintain these ideas.

Some physical model, which builders well and for a long time are known, is offered to your attention. These are electrons, positrons, neutrinoes and antineutrinoes, interreacting among themselves exclusively by means of electromagnetic and gravitational fields.
And, probably, as these fields can be left in their classical understanding as it was in the beginning of 20-th century.

Also what here extraordinary, you ask?
Extraordinariness in on what trajectories the above-stated leptons move inside of particles.

Unfortunately, in offered model-hypothesis practically there is a little decent mathematical basis. I hope for your help in this question and is ready to dispose your variants and propositions on the given site.
I shall be very grateful for corrections and notes, both under the text, and on logic which will be there and then considered, authors of allowances and propositions - are designated.

Also I apologize for my awful English. :-)
And for this reason, trusty correctly my ideas are stated only in Russian part of this site.
Yours respectfully,
Nasedkin Vladimir.
14 February 2006.